shower door parts research and review

Shower Door Sweep

Shower door sweep and seals are required in every bathroom door or enclosure. They are needed because they do something important – keep all the water trapped in. That way, there won’t be leakages and splashes outside or anywhere else.

A door sweep is intended to go under the bathroom shower door or enclosure. Its main task is to keep water as far away from the door as possible. When the door is opened, then the fixture literally performs a sweeping action on the water that may be retained on the floor, which is a common occurrence after somebody had showered. Without one water would stay stagnantly on the floor.

And on that note, it is clear to see that a shower door sweep has to be installed for safety too. As it keeps water from the bathroom door and walk area instances of bathroom slips and accidents are lessened. This is especially necessary for homes with kids. When water is swept away, the floor dries quickly. Aside from water, it will tend to put away things on the floor like spilled viscous liquid, pieces of detergent, soaps, or anything small and slippery that the door panel may miss. A dry and clear bathroom floor is certainly not accident-prone.

Sweeps are shower door parts that are normally installed along with a shower door seal. And like seals, they come in different types as well. They are mostly made out of vinyl, PVC, or polycarbonate, the same material as the seals. There is single shower door sweep, bottom wipe, and H-wipe designs available. Get the one that you prefer, although all of these types are known to work just as well. But be sure to check the construction of your door before making the purchase. Measure the distance between the floor and the bathroom door. If you can’t find one that fits, you might have to customize one from the store.