shower door parts research and review

Shower Door Seals

Looking for the right shower door seals?  If you’ve got problems with your bathroom door leaking all around, don’t ditch the door yet. Maybe all you need are door seals. They are the most convenient and clever way of eliminating leaks and splashes. With these shower door parts in place, water will be contained inside the bathroom.

Since the main function of shower door seals is to prevent water leakage they are usually made out of polycarbonate or vinyl materials. They are intended to be attached on the sides of the bathroom door. Those available on the market today can easily be slid into place although the door needs to be taken down first before doing so. They also come in transparent white and blue hues to attain invisibility.

There are shower door seals for every kind of shower door and it is quite important that you get the one that would fit your needs perfectly. There are designs like the T-seal, double fin seal, bulb seal, edge-L seal, and the edge-V seal, among others. To know what would work best for your bathroom, inspect your door’s construction. Pay extra attention to the sides where you intend to slip the seal into.

For wooden and glass doors the jamb type, Y inline, L-seal, and the H-type seals perform best. If you need heavy sealing maybe you can attach acrylic glass on the top and sides of your door instead. Some PVC shower door actually comes with a slot where you can easily slip the seal into.

The cost of such seals, of course, depends on its manufacturer. But you can technically buy one for less than $50 per panel. Search online and find the one that would accomplish the job perfectly. You can install them yourself or you can hire a handyman to do the job. Either way, you’re minutes away from a leak-free bathroom by using shower door seals.