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Shower Door Guides

Shower door guides are being widely used nowadays. Aside from the sophisticated look a shower provides, it is also more comfortable as you are provided with more privacy while you are taking your bath. Plus, you also get to protect your bathroom floor from getting wet, preventing potential risks to damage the very foundation of your bathroom.

Majority of showers today have sliding doors. It looks very sophisticated and is also very easy to operate. This is why shower door guides are important when installing the shower door. It is responsible for maintaining a smooth sliding mechanism when the door is opened. Plus, no matter how luxuriously heavy the door looks like, you will not experience difficulty in opening the door at all, all thanks to do the shower door guide. But, of course, the guide needs to be properly installed in order for it to commit to its actual function.

Many guides today have such easy adjustability so that you can install and replace them all by yourself. Plus, it makes your shower’s frame much easier to clean.

An example of today’s famous showers that have been readily installed with their own set of guides is the Kohler Devonshire Bypass Shower. This shower has glass that is crystal clear, which somehow adds up to the shower’s sophisticated look and feel. Its frameless shower door, with an installed guide, provides a light-filtered showering environment that is open to room air.

Another example is manufactured by DreamLine. This company has come up with its Infinity Shower. The base of this shower is made of stain-resistant acrylic that is also scratch-resistant. The door guide makes its side glass panel reversible for either left or right sided opening.

If you prefer traditional-looking showers, you can purchase the Kohler Portrait Frameless Bypass Shower. Its minimal frameless design accents the charming and relatively traditional design of your bathroom. With its guide, the continuous door panel offers a very smooth and quiet sliding door mechanism.

DreamLine also has another type of shower that has readily installed shower door guides. You can opt to have your shower door clear or frosted, along with specks of chrome or brushed nickel for the railings of your shower door guide. It comes with standard textured floor patterns that prevent you from slipping when you take your bath.

Sonata Glassworks has also come up with its own Sonata Shower that comes with a steam door. You can now transform your shower area into a very relaxing oasis. With a bright silver frame that somehow accents the crystal clear glass, you feel like you are in your own private spa. With guides installed, you do not have to worry about any disruptions to your relaxation as the door will have an extremely quiet sliding door mechanism.

Aside from guiding the door, giving it a quiet sliding, opening, or closing mechanism, these guides also contribute to maintaining a steam-tight environment within your shower. This way, water does not seep out from underneath the shower door, and form a pond on your bathroom floor. With shower door guides, your shower door will remain closed, unless you, yourself, open it.