shower door parts research and review

Shower Door Bumpers

Shower door bumpers are simply parts of a shower door. They are usually installed with sliding doors, as they serve to guide the door itself to have a smooth sliding process. Bumpers manufactured by CRL are moderately hard. This is why they are highly recommended by bathroom architecture experts for shower doors of the sliding type.

Their main function is to protect the door itself from potential dents and dings. This way, the door does not bang into the wall or any other near object. Eventually, the bumpers may be scratched or damaged. This is why they also need to be replaced so that you can maintain sleek lines for your shower door.

Today, many spare parts are available for shower doors. These parts can largely help you further improving the look, as well as the function, of your bathrooms. Back then, shower doors are only made up of standard glass. But, now, you can choose to have translucent ones so that you are provided with privacy during your bath. There are more things you can change with your present shower door.

Door bumpers somehow serve as a sliding path so that your shower door can easily and smoothly slide. With properly installed bumpers, the life of your shower door is prolonged. Without much damage to your shower door, operating the door itself is much easier.

The most common material used for making such bumpers is vinyl or a unique type of polymer. This particular material is utilized as it helps in reducing the amount of friction that is applied when the shower door is opened. Today, there are far too many different types to choose from. You just have to obtain your shower’s physical dimensions in order to find one that suits your needs quite nicely.

Aside from its sliding purpose, shower door bumpers have also been noticed to be of big help in securing the shower door in place. You can choose one that fits your shower door best as there is actually a very wide variety of sizes.

Shower doors can greatly influence how your bathroom looks. Your shower, being the largest equipment inside your bathroom, somehow dictates the main theme of your bathroom. Many come in certain kits with complete hardware. Still, if you want to further explore your options, you can make your search on the Internet so that you are introduced to a wide array of choices.

One of the most purchased ones online are clear ones. Although colored ones are being bought, the clear ones are most available. The main reason behind its high sales is its highly adhesive backing. Aside from that, they are also only moderately hard, which makes them not so hard to put into the bottom channel. Clear ones also have a more visible set of screws so that you no longer have a hard time trying to locate the screws. Shower door bumpers have certainly started to be a big part of today’s shower hardware.